An eBird Primer

March 17 2018
  1. 10am-1:30am
  2. 570-967-7275
  3. Yes
  4. No
  7. Salt Springs Park
  8. 2305 Salt Springs Rd., Franklin Forks
  9. Susquehanna

Bird watchers love to keep records of what they see. Learn how to use the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s free online listing program for birders (which researchers also use to advance our understanding of bird distribution). Topics will include how to enter data, look up your records, sort and view data, see what other birders are finding, attach photos and sound recordings to your checklists, and use eBird to find birds on trips to unfamiliar areas. The procedures will be demonstrated live and online using an active eBird account. Our instructor, Evan Mann, is Susquehanna County’s eBird Reviewer and Filter Editor. Fee: Free-will donation.