Build A Duck Nest/House

April 29 2017
  1. 9am
  2. 570-278-1158
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  7. Master Gardener Building at the Harford Fair
  8. 485 Fair Hill Rd., New Milford
  9. Susquehanna

Wood ducks, Barrow’s goldeneyes, common goldeneyes, hooded mergansers, common mergansers and buffleheads are all cavity nesting ducks.They build nests in abandoned woodpecker holes or natural tree cavities caused by disease, fire or lightning. These ducks will also use a constructed nesting box. It may even attract other cavity nesting birds such as kestrels, tree swallows, great crested flycatchers or screech owls. Build one of these houses with us. The cost of materials would be $25.00. On your registration form, please indicate the number of houses you wish to buy and add the cost to your registration fee. Please bring your own cordless drill if possible. We only have a limited supply of drills. Dead line to order materials: April 14th. Or, you may just simply listen to the discussion and observe the building of the houses. Class limit: 15. To register visit: Montrose Adult School Click the Classes link. You can print out a registration form under the HOW TO REGISTER section. To see what classes are offered, click Nature and Country Living to see the Master Gardener classes. Simply mail the form to the Montrose Adult School. For more information or help registering call the Penn State Extension Office at 570.278.1158.