Build a Mason Bee House

February 16 2019
  1. 10am
  2. 570-666-9003
  3. No
  4. Yes
  7. St. Pauls Episcopal Church
  8. 276 Church St., Montrose
  9. Susquehanna

Mason Bees are solitaire bees and great pollinators. More dependable and productive than honey bees in early spring. Learn how to attract these native bees plus other pollinators and beneficial insects. This year we will build a redesigned mason bee lodge that will be easier to keep clean! The cost of materials for each lodge is $18.00 plus a $5 registration fee. On your Montrose Area Adult School registration form, please indicate the number of lodges you wish to make and add the cost to your registration fee. Please bring your own cordless drill if possible; we have a limited supply of drills. Deadline to order materials is March 8th. Or, you may just simply listen to the discussion and observe the building of the lodges.