Clifford Township Historical Society Museum of Local History Open House

October 20 2019
  1. 1-4pm
  2. 570-679-2723
  3. No
  4. No
  7. Clifford Township Community Park
  8. 119 Cemetery St., Clifford Twp.
  9. Susquehanna

Start your tour of our museum in the hallway that displays large paintings highlighting historically important places in our area. Enter the hands on museum rooms and sign in with a feather pen. The 30 minute audio presentation by Frank Little Bear speaks of the gorgeous mural in the canoe exhibit as well as Native American history in our area. The farmstead brings to life a farmstead in the late 1800's with a house, barn and mural. Our blacksmith shop portrays a bygone skill . The shelves of our general store are stocked with items from the past. Toys from years ago are fun for youngsters to play with. Learn stories of our civil war hero, fire towers, human hair crocheting, the barber's pole, dog tread mills, cleansing teas, food preservation and early farm life, as well as how our township was positively affected by Prohibition and the Depression. A favorite of many visitors are the many pictures we have on display.