Seed Starting Series: Grow Your Own Vegetables & Flowers

April 29 2017
  1. 10am-12pm
  2. 570-278-1158
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  7. Master Gardener Building at the Harford Fair
  8. 485 Fair Hill Rd., New Milford
  9. Susquehanna

In 3 separate sessions, we will cover when to sow your seeds indoors, lighting options, what you need to be successful and how to care for your seedlings. After the program you will take home a few seedlings which will be grown in a variety of pots. You will be well-prepared on how to get your plants ready for the outdoors. There are fun hands-on activities which include making your own seed tapes, plus much, much, more! This will be a series of 3 classes held Saturday mornings. There will be an additional materials fee of $5.00 per person to cover the cost of supplies. To register visit: Montrose Adult School Click the Classes link. You can print out a registration form under the HOW TO REGISTER section. To see what classes are offered, click Nature and Country Living to see the Master Gardener classes. Simply mail the form to the Montrose Adult School. For more information or help registering call the Penn State Extension Office at 570.278.1158.