Weaving a Lavender Wand

July 20 2019
  1. 10am; 1pm
  2. 570-666-9003
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. http://www.montroseadultschool.org.
  6. susquehannamg@psu.edu
  7. Humming Hill Lavender Farm
  8. 7019 Maple St., Brooklyn
  9. Susquehanna

Also known as lavender bottles or lavender batons, is an old Victorian pastime. Women would usually spend their free time crafting items out of flowers. These were used to scent drawers as a Lavender sachet, hung on cabinets for decoration, and freshening. Since the Victorian age till now, there has been a great demand for this lovely plant. Encasing the scent of lavender in ribbon allows you to enjoy the fragrance for years to come. Taking the time to create wands lets you get lost in the moment while enjoying the aroma as you weave the ribbon around the stalks.  Fee of $5 plus the cost of materials for each wand is $5.00.