Writing a Novel: My Personal Journey

April 28 2019
  1. 3pm
  2. 570-996-1500
  3. No
  4. No
  5. http://www.dietrichtheater.com/
  6. Wyoming County Cultural Center/Dietrich Theater
  7. 60 E. Tioga St., Tunkhannock
  8. Wyoming

Presenter Jeanne Moran. As she created the backdrop for this historical novel, the sequel to Risking Exposure, Jeanne’s research uncovered seldom-discussed Nazi events and campaigns. The Lebensborn program, the Nuremberg rallies, the Romany people, Kristallnacht, the Kindertransport, and the Rat Line all informed Jeanne’s creation of the The Path Divided. Through original photos and materials obtained from primary sources such as the Library of Congress and the Nuremberg Documentation Center, Jeanne will share her journey of writing a second novel filled with both darkness and hope. A book signing will follow. A portion of each sale will go to The Dietrich.