State Game Lands #140

State Game Lands No 140, Middletown
Susquehanna County
State Game Land 140 is in rural northwestern Susquehanna County in
Apolacon and Middletown Townships within the Pennsylvania Game
Commission's Northeast Region (Wildlife Management Unit 3C). The
Game Land's three separate compartments are easily accessed via
State Routes 858 and 944 and Township Route 608. Five parking lots
are maintained and foot travel is welcome on 3 miles of gated road.
The farthest interior point from a parking area or gate is 0.4 miles.

Topography varies from gentle slopes to steep side hills. The highest
elevation of about 1,825 feet are found on the ridge tops of
Compartment 1. The lowest elevation of 1,180 feet is found along
Apolacon Creek also in Compartment 1. The surrounding area is
sparsely populated.

The principle species hunted on all compartments are white tail deer,
eastern wild turkey and ruffed grouse. Cottontail rabbit, gray squirrel,
woodcock, wood duck, and Canada geese are hunted to a lesser
extent where appropriate habitat exists. Pheasants are hunted on a
put and take basis. Furbearer trapping opportunities include beaver,
mink, red and gray fox, and eastern coyote.

Hiking, bird watching and cross-country skiing are lawful recreational
activities that occur occasionally. This game lands is relatively small in
size and is not a major attraction for these activities.