State Game Lands #35

State Game Lands Number 35,
Susquehanna County
State Game Lands No. 35, is located in Susquehanna County, contains
7772 acres. Its terrain is mountainous and wooded. It has excellent
deer and turkey hunting, with grouse, rabbits and squirrels in good

State Game Lands now totaling more than 1.5 million acres are
purchased, managed and maintained primarily for outdoor recreation
in the form of sport-hunting.

While portions of sportsmen's license fees and taxes on sporting arms
and ammunition have made the acquisition and development of these
lands possible, other users are welcome. Recreation such as boating,
fishing, hiking birdwatching, and nature study is encouraged.

The Game Commission is concerned with protecting and
perpetuations non-game wildlife species, along with managing for an
annual harvest of all game species. While sport hunting, embracing
the elements of fair chase, is the ultimate goal in wildlife
management, other benefits have enhanced the quality of life for all
who enjoy the out-of-doors.

For benefit of all users, please respect posted rules and regulations.
Entry upon posted wildlife refuges and propagation areas is
prohibited. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on gated roads and
trails; snowmobiles execpted where so designeated and posted.