American Indian Cultural Center/Gift Shop/The Belize Fund

163 Melsrose Rd., Susquehanna
Susquehanna County
Formerly the Portal Institute Inc.

Our vision is helping others as a nonprofit human services organization that assists American Indians with basic daily living needs, promotes their art and culture, and inspires others to join our efforts; and supports quality education for the children of Belize with resources and materials.

The Belize Fund is located on ground that is believed to be near the northernmost reaches of Susquehannock migration. The Susquehannock peoples were devastated in the Eighteenth Century by infectious disease and warfare.
The American Indian Cultural Center at The Belize Fund is our endeavor to honor all American Indian peoples, their history, culture and contribution to what has become the North American continent.
Join us in recalling a time when the people and the land were one.