Center for Anti-Slavery Studies (CASS)

Discover the Trail Blazed Through the Endless Mountains During the Anti-Slavery Movement – A Story Celebrating the March Towards Freedom


The work of the Center for Anti-Slavery Studies (CASS) is focused on sharing the historical records and stories focused on the nineteenth-century activities of the Anti-Slavery Movement as it transpired in Pennsylvania’s Northeast.  Built and curated on historic research, preservation, and awareness through public programming, CASS ‘s mission is to share this history as the story continues today in the quest for human rights for all peoples. Featuring exhibits and lectures on the history of NEPA, this organization tells the stories that were not covered in most of our general history classes. Open by appointment.

Promoting Historical Research
CASS works closely with interested individuals, families, and partner organizations to find the physical documentation and historic sites relevant to the Anti-Slavery Movement in Pennsylvania’s Northeast.

Preserving Relevant History
By working hand-in-hand with community partners and funders, CASS is able to preserve evidence of this region’s rich history and offer technical assistance to those seeking to preserve the legacy of their family or the history of their community.

Acquiring Sites for Preservation
Many important sites that bear witness to this region’s Underground Railroad history are in danger of being lost to time. CASS works to identify, acquire, and preserve these sites for future generations.

Educating the Public
CASS engages in a host of public education initiatives: school programs, lectures and seminars, conferences, historic marker erections, walking tours, motorcoach tours, exhibits, publications, and public forums.


cass The building of CASS A walking tour by CASS

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