Eagles Mere Air and Auto Museums

Two museums with vast collections of rare and antique automobiles and aircrafts.

The Eagles Mere Auto Museum showcases over seventy-five 1950s and 1960s vehicles and many unique pieces of vintage memorabilia. The Museum represents an era when the United States dominated the auto manufacturing industry and Americans were full of confidence, optimism and youthful exuberance. Their excitement in the ’50s was captured by lower, longer and sleeker automobiles, which left their boxy conservative ancestors in the dust. The cars were also flashier – with tail fins, chrome, and unique paint colors. In the ’60s, it was all about muscle: engine power, heft, and speed. Visitors will enjoy the fast charging Camaros and Chevy Chevelles on display.

Museum Hours and Phone
The Museum is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4pm
Memorial Day thru mid-October

The Eagles Mere Air Museum houses a living collection of airplanes, airplane engines, and related toys and artifacts from the golden age of flying—1908 to 1935. There are approximately 20 airplanes currently located at the field and several more in restoration nearby. Virtually all of the museum’s collection flies regularly. The staff feels this distinguishes the collection from many other venues in both the functional quality of the exhibits and the fact that visitors at the right times of the year can see the planes in operation. A large number of these aircraft must be started in the old fashioned way by hand propping, and once airborne, there is nothing to compare with the sound of a 9 liter OX5 V-8 at 1450 RPM overhead.

Hours of Operation:
The Museum will be open for the season on Saturday and Sundays from 1 PM to 5 PM. We will endeavor to actively fly planes (weather permitting) when the museum is open on Sundays. Openings at other times may be possible by prior appointment. Children must be supervised at all times.

Eagles Mere Air Museum's plane Eagles Mere Auto Museum's car collection Lefty's Garage at the Eagles Mere Auto Museum

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