EMR Event Park

Action-Packed Paintball, Scenario Games, & More

You’ll get the ultimate adrenaline rush at EMR Event Park in New Milford. This family-owned, 122-acre facility can accommodate paintball, magfed, airsoft, armored combat, and live-action role playing (LARP). They specialize in big events, scenario games, and open play.

The park boasts 20 playing fields with varied terrain, complete with castles, towns, forts, tunnels, bridges, and more. They offer large concept fields, speedball fields, and wooded fields.

The rec center provides the perfect spot to relax and grab a snack or drink. They have a full store, along with rental equipment, compressed air, and CO2. Outdoor facilities include a 1,500-square-foot picnic pavilion, two fishing ponds, volleyball, horseshoes, and a bonfire pit. For multi-day events, stay the night in one of EMR’s bunkhouses or campsites.

Check out EMR Event Park’s website or social media for upcoming events.


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