Endless Brewing

Our goal is simply to create delicious ales, available fresh & local to our customers, friends, and neighbors. We are doing what we love and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we do.

Jon Winans and Morgan Kelly – partners in business and life, began their journey one 5-gallon batch at a time in 2007. Together they opened Endless Brewing in June 2012 and haven’t looked back since. The plan for the future is to continue growing slowly and organically while staying true to their roots of time honored craft brewing.

Our ales: A Keen Wit, Saison Trois, Hop Session Ale, Workin’ Fool IPA Endless Honey Amber, Straight Up Stout, Painter Hill Porter, Stone Crop Maple Amber, Bombshell Blonde IPA, Grasshopper Pale Ale, Choco Cherry Stout, Burning Comet Barley Wine, Pumpkinosity Imperial Ale, Espresso Chocolate Stout, Fall Back India Style Black Ale, Jack’s Mt Hop Imperial Ale, Spring Fever, Hop Seance, Winter Darkness India Style Black Ale, Autumnal Dubbel, Cream of the Crop, Back Road Brown, Vacation Inspiration White IPA Series, Dunkel Yum, and many more to come.

Our endless journey to create the best craft beer possible takes us to some pretty interesting places and leaves us with amazing memories. Come visit us and nearby picturesque Salt Springs State Park soon.

Locations Endless Brewing is currently flowing: Cooper’s Seafood House, Scranton PA; McCormack’s at the Inn, Montrose PA; Tall Pines Players Club, Friendsville PA; The Beacon Bar & Grill, Union Dale PA; The Green Gables, New Milford PA; The Choconut Inn, Choconut PA; VFW Post 5642, Montrose PA; Sabatini’s Pizza, Exeter PA; The Office, Nicholson PA; Tedeshci’s, Hallstead PA; and Armetta’s, Gibson PA. Call for hours.

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Visitors Guide

Need more information on the Endless Mountains? Request a print copy of the visitors guide and the calendar of events brochure or you can view the guide online.

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