State Game Lands #236

State Game Lands (SGL) 236 has 2010 acres and is located in Ararat and Herrick Townships, Susquehanna County. Four separate tracts make up the Game Lands. Compartment 1 lies entirely in Ararat Township and compartment 2 is split by the Ararat and Herrick Township boundary. Compartments 3 and 4 are in Herrick Township. The Game Lands lies between the boroughs of Gelatt to the west, East Ararat to the east, and between the boroughs of Ararat to the north and Dimock Corners to the south. Topography is gently rolling hills with many wetland areas. Elevation varies from 1,800 feet to 2,100 feet. Seventy-four percent (1482 acres) of SGL 236’s acreage exists in terrestrial forest cover. Approximately 2/3 of this forest cover is dominated by northern hardwood forests. The majority of this is site 2 size 2 predominately
mature, even-aged, 80-120 year old timber. The last 1/3 is covered by terrestrial woodlands, overgrown shrublands, and conifer plantations.

All compartments have good access provided by S.R. 171 and S.R. 374. Fifteen parking areas are provided to access the four compartments. Several timber sale roads provide good foot access. These roads are gated and used for administrative access.

Running parallel to the four tracts of game lands on the west is SR 81, on the east is SR 171, and bounded in the south by SR 374. All of these roads are within easy driving distance of the game lands which is connected to them by smaller township roads .All but one tract are touched on at least two sides by secondary roads and each area has one, two or several parking lots readily accessible. A few vegetated logging roads are present for walking or emergency access only, but being relatively small tracts most acreage is accessible by the average person within a short walk. Most areas on this game lands remain fairly wet during rainy times of the year, prohibiting access by farm tractors and other equipment at certain times.

This game lands is entirely within Wildlife Management Unit 3C. The principal species hunted on SGL 236 are white-tailed deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, American woodcock, waterfowl and cottontail rabbit. Pheasants are hunted on a put and take basis. Furbearers also provide opportunities for sportsman with beaver, mink, raccoon, red and gray fox, bobcat, and eastern coyote available for harvest. Hiking, bird watching, blueberry picking and cross-country skiing are lawful recreational activities that occur occasionally.

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