Sullivan County Historical Society Museum

The Sullivan County Historical Society is committed to the education of the people in the county and extended communities of the necessity and significance of preserving and presenting data, artifacts and historical lessons for all people.

Today, the Society maintains a Museum complex consisting of the Main Building, the Baldwin House and garden, the Barn and wagon shed, and the Celestia property.

The Main Building includes the original 34′ square portion built in the 1880’s, which was used in 1894 to house the Courthouse records while a new Courthouse (the County’s second, and existing nucleus of the present building) was being built. The Society acquired the use of half of this nucleus in 1956 to be used as the beginning of a ‘home’ for the Society’s acquisitions. The Pauline Holcombe Wing was added to the original section in 1988 to further expand the facility.

The Baldwin House depicts life circa 1850 – 1880. The garden is reminiscent of the herbs and flowers that could be found in a nineteenth century garden.

The Barn and wagon shed are utilized for displays having to do with outdoor artifacts which are displayed by subject.

The Society also owns the site of Celestia. This utopia was a religious community that was founded in the 1850’s by Millennialists (Millerites). It was abandoned in the 1880’s after the death of its leader, Peter Armstrong. At one time, the land was deeded to God. But, God paid no taxes, and the land was eventually repurchased by the Armstrong family at a sheriff’s sale. It is located 1 1/2 miles south of Laporte on Rt. 42. ?

The entire complex, when utilized for viewing, research and education, is made available during regular hours, or by appointment, for individuals or groups to tour the facility.


June 2 – August 20

Hours: Thurs – Saturday, 1:00 – 5:00

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