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Fifteen years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, Pauli Murray was arrested for doing this very same thing! Murray, who would become a pre-eminent poet, writer, lawyer, civil and women’s rights activist, and Episcopal priest, then began a journey which had remained essentially unknown until this 2021 documentary. This film brought Murray and her remarkable work and words back into the mainstream understanding of our nation’s struggle for equity among all of its people. Murray’s work influenced the civil rights movement and expanded legal protection for gender equality. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work on sexual discrimination was shaped by Murray. Come enjoy the screening of this important documentary.

Dana DiCarlo, co-executive producer, will discuss her participation in this film.

Dana knew the film makers, Betsy West and Julie Cohen, for Pauli Murray from a previous experience when they were working on the award winning documentary, RBG. When West and Cohen explained the Pauli Murray project to her, she and her daughter, Eve, became instantly excited. The civil rights, the women’s rights, and the significant timing of the LBGTQ rights aspects of Pauli’s biography were exhilarating. Dana and Eve wondered how they had not learned of this champion before. They knew they wanted to be involved in helping bring Murray’s story to light.

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