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The Eagles Mere Conservancy cabin, which hosts summer programs

Junior STEAM is held on Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Topics vary each week.

Pre-K to 4th but all are welcome. Come count the number of critters you can see over and under the pond, learn about the pond’s ecosystem, and create your very own bead board to help strengthen number visualization skills. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Engineering Design. Pre-K to3rd. After listening to the story On the Construction Site, kids will build a house to provide shelter for a bear family using the appropriate building materials. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Space Systems; Patterns and Cycles. Pre-K to 3rd. After reading the book The Sun is My Favorite Star, kids will identify objects that can be seen in the day sky and describe the path of the sun across the sky during the day. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Engineering Design; Forces and Interactions. Pre-K to 3rd. Come listen to the book Otter in Space and help solve a problem, ensuring a safe parachute landing as Otter and his friends return from the moon. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Counting & Cardinality (number of items in a given mathematical set). Pre-K to 3rd. After listening to the story Ten Black Dots children will order train car cards using dot images to engage them in counting and see how these dots can be used to represent objects in images. Using a specific number of black and colored dots, they can represent an image of their choice for a take-away art piece. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Geometry: Measurement & Data. Pre-K to 4th but all are welcome. Come listen to the story Ellie and become an architect and design a zoo animal enclosure for a zoo animal. We will share our designs and compare the perimeter and area. Cabin, Debbie.

Pre-K to 4th but all are welcome. Come take a walk down around the pond and listen to the story Rainbow Fish and participate in an activity where you become an architect and create your very own tissue-paper stained glass window. Cabin, Debbie.

Did you miss something that we did for Junior Steam? Let us know and we can try to do that for you. Cabin, Debbie.

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