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The Eagles Mere Conservancy cabin, which hosts summer programs

Admission Price: Free

Eagles Mere Conservancy will host an intergenerational STEAM program on select Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. Concepts vary each week.

Concept: Forces: Buoyancy and Gravity
Come build a paper boat and see how much mass it can hold before the force of gravity overtakes the buoyant force. Cabin, Debbie.

Come experience the design process and create a mosaic made with LEGO DOTS. Your challenge is to create something seen in nature. Your mosaic will be displayed throughout the summer season for all to see. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Motion
Come make a disc spinner, an idea from a time when there were no screens and no battery-operated toys. Go retro and make one today. Try using different materials to continue the fun at home. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Frog Hop
Come play with a “frog” and see how many times you can get it to land on its lily pad. Cabin, Debbie.

Concept: Engineering and Teamwork
Come with a partner or three and see if you can make a cup tower without using your hands. Are you up for the challenge? Cabin, Debbie.

Did you miss something that we did for STEAM? Let us know and we can try to do that for you. Cabin, Debbie.

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