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A rail trail through the forest at Eagles Mere Conservancy

Admission Price: Free

Trails and Tales is an intergenerational program held on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Pre-K to 4th, but all are welcome. Come listen to the book Too Many Carrots and help the rabbit by building a boat to transport his crop to the local food bank across the river. Cabin, Debbie.

Pre-K to 4th, but all are welcome. Come take a walk through the Nature Trail to hunt squirrels and then listen to the book The Secret Life of Squirrels. We will be addressing the concept of spatial relationships, maps, and positional words by navigating and mapping an obstacle course. Cabin, Debbie.

Come join us by the pond as we learn about speckled frogs and why they sit on their log. We will be singing a song and creating puppets to interact with the song. Cabin, Debbie.

Dragon Fly or Damsel Fly? Is curiosity getting the better of you? Join us by the pond as we learn about the similarities and differences of these two creatures. Cabin, Debbie.

Pre-K to 4th but all are welcome. Come listen to the story Giraffes Can’t Dance. While exploring the concept of sound, you will demonstrate how Cricket uses a string instrument, which works by making strings vibrate, and then make a musical instrument. Cabin, Debbie.

Come walk the Storybook Walk (The Salamander Room) and create your very own pet salamander and habitat using things found around the cabin. Cabin, Debbie.

Come walk the Margaret Estey Trail and read Over and Under the Pond and learn about the metamorphosis of frogs and butterflies. Cabin, Debbie.

Did you miss something that we did for Trails and Tales? Let us know and we can try to do that for you. Cabin, Debbie.

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