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Are you ready to fight in the biggest, baddest attack and defend game in MAGFED?

Tactical Frontlines brings you a constant insertion, three stages of three different battles! Frontlines starts with an Attack/Defend Battle in City of Crew and continues out onto the field with Battles for 10 C4 explosives to open Castle Blue’s Crew’s Doors, including three secret doors! Once all the C4 is secured and set, the battle to take the castle begins. There are no breaks in between stages. Once one stage is completed, the next one starts immediately. This event is 2:1 odds. Only a limited amount of defender spots will be available. If the defender list is locked, players will go on a waiting list if they want to defend. As the more attackers register, the number of defend spots will increase. If the attackers numbers do not increase, those on the waiting list will be attacking

Visit EMR’s website for more details and rules.

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Outdoor Recreation Guide

Need more information on the Endless Mountains? Request a print copy of the outdoor recreation guide or you can view the guide online.

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