Located about 2.5 miles south of Tunkhannock, Miller Mountain is a 2,500-acre property within the Pinchot State Forest. The property is open to the public for passive recreation, such as hiking, walking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and birdwatching.

Miller Mountain is an iconic landmark in Tunkhannock. At 2,216 feet tall, it overlooks the town and the Susquehanna River below. The mountain is notoriously steep and challenging, but its scenic views are well worth the effort.

Please note, Miller Mountain was added to the Pinchot State Forest in November 2023. The Bureau of Forestry is still establishing boundary lines and assessing the mountain’s resources. Trail maps, designated parking lots, and other amenities are not yet available. Unblazed logging paths exist, but a formal trail system is not yet in place. Please respect private property and follow all state forest rules and regulations.

Check out our blog post to learn more about the acquisition of Miller Mountain.

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