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Oldest house in four counties; genealogy history events throughout the year.

A welcome sight to travelers on the old North Branch Canal boats on the Old North Branch Canal boats, over a hundred years ago was the house, which is still standing and known as “The Oldest House”, where passengers could enjoy a cool drink, or stock up on tobacco and food for the remaining portion of their journey.

This scene, however, did not occur until nearly a hundred years after the house was built, for it was in 1781 that Eliha Hall, the areas first carpenter, completed the house for the James Smith Family.

Wonderfully preserved “The Oldest House” stands erect today with every chink and corner revealing a story of the simple living of the past and legends of history.

The house is built around a large fireplace measuring 8 x 12 feet in the basement keeping room, with two openings on that level and three on the main floor. The original hanging irons, as well as hardware elsewhere in the house were forged by a local blacksmith shop.

The house was built to face the river. It has been occupied by many families through the years, among them the Lacey’s for whom the town is named. The last family was the Gordon Morrison’s, who restored the house in the late 1940’s much as you see it today, except for the porch, which “The Oldest House Historical Society” had done along with quite a bit of other work in 1990.

Regarded as the oldest frame house in four counties (Wyoming, Bradford, Sullivan, and Susquehanna), The Oldest House remains a well preserved monument to the pioneer days of this region’s past and its people.

Tours are held for the public: June through September , Friday through Sunday between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Throughout the summer there are workbees and activities going on at various times — if you see someone at the “House” — you are welcome to stop in!!!

During the year there are several special events held to give the public an opportunity to enjoy the house:

May — “A Simplier Thyme” – plants, tours,lunch–new displays for the summer season

July — “Annual Quilt or Art Show” – local craftsmen are invited to display their work and demonstrate techiques. Cookies and Lemonade!

October — “Blackpowder Gun Show” – displays, demonstrations – antique firearms from colonial times – collections

“Annual Fancy Fair” — sale of art work, antiques, collectibles and lunch

December — “Annual Christmas Tea” – Holiday season decorations and cookies

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