Bennie’s Nursery

Bennies Nursery is Northeast PA’s premier Christmas tree producer.

Ben Barziloski planted his first Christmas tree on the homestead farm in South Eaton, PA in 1932. Operated by Ben and his wife Catherine, the farm had enough acreage to cultivate a prosperous evergreen crop.

Their trees quickly became known for their lush beauty and premier quality. As seasons went by, the popularity of these trees grew beyond their Wyoming County home to Pennsylvania, New York City, and other states. The trees at Bennies Nursery are still chosen by celebrities celebrating holidays in NYC.

As time went by, Ben found landscaping service to be a natural complement to his tree business. Ben started his landscaping service in addition to growing Christmas trees and also operated a successful restaurant.

Ben’s knowledge of growing, cultivating, and maintaining the tree farm helped him become the choice landscaper for residents and businesses in the area.

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